Arri Alexa Plus

The Arri Alexa has become the camera of choice for: Feature films, high end drama, music videos and commercials.

Capable of shooting in Apple Pro Res or Arri RAW* at 2K the Alexa offers unrivalled image quality.

Recording directly to Sony SxS Cards the Alexa ensures ease of use from Image capture through to Post Production.

With integrated wireless operation and the abiliy to use the Arri Lens Data System (LDS) the Alexa is the perfect camera for all productions.

We stock several Alexa Units and they are available in 16:9 or 4:3 Sensor Mode for Anamorphic shooting.

*Arri RAW requires an external RAW recorder.




  • Alexa Plus Body
  • 4 x 64GB SxS Cards
  • Long & Short EVF Cable
  • Block Battery Cable
  • 6 x IDX Batteries Charger
  • 19mm Bars
  • Camera Top Handle