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DJI Ronin Stabiliser

The Ronin Stabiliser from DJI is a camera stabilisation system designed to give the operator handheld shooting but without the hand-shake.

Suitable for most camera types and configurations up to 16 pounds, Ronin uses brushless motors that work on three axes: one for side-to-side “roll,” one for tilt and one for pan. The system is computer-controlled which detects movement and engages the motors to react.

In addition to handheld shooting, the gimbal can be used in vehicle mounting scenarios and other contexts where vibrations or other abrupt movements would make tripods and rigid camera support systems unsuitable.

Movi Pro Stabiliser

MoVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created.

It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

MoVI Pro is a small, lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality content quickly and easily.


The Steadicam Archer 2™ is a lightweight commercial-quality Steadicam with an extensive array of innovative new features to enhance quick set-ups/tear-downs, and is designed to accommodate a wide range of operating needs.

Perfect for use with High end film Cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA and Sony F5 but also equally useful for broadcast cameras shooting anything from Drama to Sports.

Our Steadicam is the only resident Steadicam Archer 2™ in Northern Ireland and is available to hire with one of our Steadicam trained operators today.