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Dana Dolly Slider

The Dana Dollly System is a scaffold mounted slider system designed to carry Tripod heads and cameras of varying weight

With a selection of bowl sizes and mounting options the Dana Dolly can be used in numerous scenarios.

DJI Ronin Stabiliser

The Ronin Stabiliser from DJI is a camera stabilisation system designed to give the operator handheld shooting but without the hand-shake.

Suitable for most camera types and configurations up to 16 pounds, Ronin uses brushless motors that work on three axes: one for side-to-side “roll,” one for tilt and one for pan. The system is computer-controlled which detects movement and engages the motors to react.

In addition to handheld shooting, the gimbal can be used in vehicle mounting scenarios and other contexts where vibrations or other abrupt movements would make tripods and rigid camera support systems unsuitable.

Doorway Dolly

The Matthews Doorway Dolly is a high end professional dolly available with Pneumatic or Track Wheels enabling it to be used with Straight or Curved Turbo Track.

The Doorway Dolly offers productions a fast and affordable means of achieving professional camera moves.

EZ FX Jib System

The EZ Jib is a user friendly jib arm, ideal for field, studio or multi camera productions.

It’s lightweight, portable and easy to set up in just a few minutes.

Adding the optional extrension system will extend the length of the EZ FX jibs adding even more versatility and movement to the unit.

Kessler Jib

The Pocket Jib Traveler is Kessler’s newest and most compact Pocket Jib designed for shooters that require an ultra-portable jib solution.

The Pocket Jib Traveler is 27 inches in length when collapsed and has a circular travel distance of 72 inches when fully extended.

It surpasses other ultra-portable jibs through is unique design and light footprint, providing shooters with the perfect travel companion as they trek through extreme environments to capture the perfect shot.

Movi Pro Stabiliser

MoVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created.

It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

MoVI Pro is a small, lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality content quickly and easily.

O’Connor 2575D Fluid Head

The flagship of OConnor’s Ultimate range of fluid heads. With its famous features the 2575 fluid head has become the standard for film production.

The head includes OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add to this OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag, and you’ve got ultimate control and stability for film style shooting.

New features include: Platform controls on the operator’s side of the head, Platform release lever with a one touch finger actuated safety release catch – allowing for one “finger” or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever, Dual platform scales, Platform with 4 handle rosettes, Soft hand rest on left hand side

Pee Wee Dolly

The Chapman Leonard Super Pee Wee III Dolly is the perfect on location camera dolly and is widely used across: feature films, commercials, drama and music videos.

Allowing the camera to be manouvered via a hydraulic arm whilst also maintaining a small footpront allows it to be utilised in the tightest of spaces. Built with rubber and track wheels the Pee Wee Dolly can be used on both flat surfaces and Curved/Straight Track.

Ronford F7 Fluid Head

The Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 head is designed for use with film or Digital cameras.

Its two sealed fluid units allow control to be varied through seven stages, from a cushioned free movement to the heaviest control required, by the use of three simple on/off levers.

Both pan and tilt actions are continuous through 360 º, depending on the length of the lens and camera.

Ronford Slider

The Ronford Slider is a 4ft slider made from precision alumimium featuring: Moy Mount Plate, 360˚ Lockable Rotation and Slider lock.

This slider can be proviced with bowl adapter for use with bowl tripod heads.

Sachtler Tripod Range

Sachtler has become the go to tripod system for many Camera Operators and we supply a range of systems for many uses from heavier heads and legs to lighter systems for self shooters.

These include:

  • Sachtler 25
  • Sachtler 20/SB
  • Sacthler Video 18p/SB
  • Sachtler Caddy

Skate Plate Slider

The Skate Plate slider system is a scaffold mounted dolly cable of holding numerous camera systems of varying weight whilst maintaining smooth tracking.


The Steadicam Archer 2™ is a lightweight commercial-quality Steadicam with an extensive array of innovative new features to enhance quick set-ups/tear-downs, and is designed to accommodate a wide range of operating needs.

Perfect for use with High end film Cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA and Sony F5 but also equally useful for broadcast cameras shooting anything from Drama to Sports.

Our Steadicam is the only resident Steadicam Archer 2™ in Northern Ireland and is available to hire with one of our Steadicam trained operators today.

Wally Dolly

The Wally Dolly and Track System is a versatile and affordable dolly option. Consisting of a cross brace and 3 sets of smooths track wheels the Wally Dolly is a easy to use and effecient dolly system.

Its allows the camera operator to be in complete control as no other operator is required.